Journey around the world, the must have essentials to take with you

Travelling around the world is something that every individual dream about! Not everyone gets that opportunity to travel across the world. The beauty of travelling around the world is something that only a traveler would understand. Getting to see new places, coming across a variety of cultures and religion, different kinds of people and tasting world cuisines is a life time experience. Packing for a world trip is not that easy! Packing should be started some days back so that you do not miss out things! The must have essentials for packing are as follows-

Sleeping bags or sleeping bag liners

If you are planning to travel quite a number of places, you must have a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag liner for comfortable sleep. To get rid of bug bites and dirty sheets, a sleeping bag is a must have. Lightweight, the bag can easily fit in your back pack.

Travel towel

Travel towels can dry up faster and is perfect for travelers. Why do you need to depend on hotel towels anymore? These towels are suitable for travelling purposes and would fit easily in one corner of your luggage.


You are not always aware of the places where you are going to be and whether there is electricity So a flashlight is a must have, especially when you are planning to camp in random places across the globe.


Rain poncho and jackets

Weather is not the same at all places across the globe. So be prepared to face drastic weather changes. Having a rain poncho, winter jacket would make your stay quite easier.

Flip flops and hat

Hats, Flip flops are something that is a must have when you are travelling a lot. Especially when your journey involves a lot of walking, the uneven road and the scorching heat of the sun can really be a pain. So walk comfortably with your flip flops and a hat on your head that helps you from the tremendous heat of the sun.

Travel documents and health cards

Travel documents like passport and visa is a must have for your travel. So do not forget to take these when you are travelling to places across the world. Also your European Health Insurance Card is absolutely necessary to save yourself from big bills during unfortunate accidents. Do not forget to check your travel insurance plans and the papers before you set out for the trip,

Smartphone and sim cards

In this era of technology, it is very important for you to take sim cards and a smartphone which has all the modern facilities like GPS, Bluetooth and more. Also have two or more sim cards according to the network connections of the places you are going to travel.


Instead of carrying too much of cash, carry debit cards that would suffice your requirements. Remember to carry two or more credit or debit cards, in case one does not work. There are ATMs almost everywhere around the world, so getting money would never be a problem.

Apart from the above written stuff, it is important for you to carry mosquito repellant, mosquito nets, ear plugs, luggage locks, zip lock bags, elastic clothesline with hooks, headscarf and waterproof bags for a comfortable and memorable trip.