How To Prepare Yourself For Deep Sea Trawling

Trawling is an adventure sport, where you can also relax at the same time. Few friends and a few fish in the sea, make a very good combination. But whenever you go deep sea trawling, you should always prepare yourself accordingly. The preparation mainly depends on the type of fish one wants to catch, but there are some common points which you should always remember.

Here we compile a list which should always be kept in mind.


The equipment check for angling gear will consist of:

  • Rod: Rod is the basic of all trawling equipment. Its weight and length may vary according to the type of fish you want to catch.
  • Trawling Line: It is always wise to carry an extra trawling line. In case your line gets tangled in deep sea waters, an extra line will be a life saver. The line you carry should be heavy and durable.
  • Hooks: You should carry hooks of varying sizes so that you can catch many types of fishes.
  • Sinkers: When you go trawling in deep sea waters, you may want to put the hook into deep sea waters. A sinker will then be attached to the hook and act as a bait in deep sea waters.
  • Baits: Bait can be either live or artificial. Bait is very necessary to catch any fish. Live baits are also available at shops just like artificial baits. In case you want, you can catch live bait yourself from the fishing
  • Needle nose pliers: They are very useful piece of equipment and use to take off the hook. When in need, this little machine is very useful.
  • Line cutter: If your line is tangled enough to be taken out, you need a line cutter to cut it off.
  • Knife: You should always carry a knife with you on a trawling trip. It can be used in a number of
  • Rope Tape: If you catch some good fish, you can measure it with tape.
  • First aid box: A first aid box should always be present with you whenever you go trawling. The sea can be very rough sometimes, it’s better to be prepared for it.
  • Sun wear and footwear: Ensure that you have appropriate sun war. If your skin tans out very fast, it is better you keep a sunscreen with you. You should always have sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glaring sun. Footwear should be waterproof as your feet will get wet while trawling. Soft bottom shoes are preferred in the boat.
  • Warm clothes and gloves: Catching a rod with bare hands can sometimes be very uneasy. To get a good grip on the rod, use a good pair of gloves. Warm clothes ensure that you do not feel cold in case the weather goes wrong.

 You should have a camera to capture the wonderful time spent angling with your friends. These are the most essential items which you should always carry when you are out trawling in the deep seas.