Ethical vacations – how can you get involved

What is the best vacation that you can ever remember having? Was it one that took you to somewhere really warm and sunny where you could enjoy the sun, the sea, and the sand – along with some rather delicious seafood and cocktails? Perhaps it was to somewhere rugged and adventurous, where you could explore new scenery and experience new vistas with every step that you took. Maybe it was a city break, where art and culture met shopping and luxury, where you left for home with far more in your suitcases than you ever started with. Or perhaps you have discovered the new type of vacation that more and more people are starting to take now: ethical vacations.

They may sound a little weird, but ethical vacations are taking off in a big way thanks to the numerous people who have found something that they can really enjoy whilst also doing something really good for humanity. Put simply, an ethical vacation is one that you take to an area that needs a little more support, and during your time there you give back to the local area through volunteering. Of course, they are not all work workwork; some of them involve helping out an orphanages and helping the kids to learn how to play again. Others may be at an animal sanctuary, where you can help care for the little ones, and then release them back into the wild where they belong. Or you could try one that includes helping a local community restore their homes and gardens after a flood.

Floods happen all over the world, but when they occur in communities that are already poor and struggling, the flood cleanup process can take years, because there simply are not enough resources to make it go any quicker. That is where ethical vacations come in. Many people will go to areas in countries such as India, Thailand, or other areas nearby that have suffered flooding and extreme water damage, and get involved by getting alongside local charities and organisations so that you can give a helping hand. This may be in a simple way, such as moving debris and helping to pump out water, or in an artistic and creative way, like redecorating homes and schools so that they can be beautiful for the community to use again. Some ethical vacations even take a percentage of the money that you spend on going there that goes straight to funds used to buy building materials and to bring in safe water.

If ethical vacations are something that you have never heard of, but you would be interested in learning more about how you can see a tropical world that you never knew before – whilst helping it and the people that live in it to enjoy it – then perhaps you should check them out, and learn a little more about the different places that you could see. You never know what sort of incredible adventure you could find yourself on.