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Surfer road trip essential check list

Surfing is an exciting water sport and it involves lot of fun and excitement. It is one of the most popular water sports for people who love beaches and outdoor activities. Travelers pack their bags to go for road trips where they search for beautiful remote locations to surf. Surfing requires a lot of things preparation and arrangements beforehand. Certain points that you need to consider beforehand-

Getting your surf gear ready!

Checking your surf gear and equipment is very important while you are starting to pack your essential supplies. Surfing boards are the prime requisites in this domain. Board travel bags are ideal to carry your surf board. Apart from this, westsuits are very important if you heading towards the tropics. They are very useful during winds, sun and also reef protection. Wet Suit Centre is one of those places from where you can get a perfect wet suit for your needs. Carry spare fins and surf wax for the entire trip. Do not forget to carry some extra spare fins in case of emergency needs. Fin keys are important during fin replacement and is easy to lose. So take quite a few fin keys and board leash in case of emergency. Also do not forget to carry duct tape and silver in case you have to repair your surf board yourself.

Protection equipment in check!

Protection during surfing is something a surfer would always take care of. The most important item in your protection gear is a sunblock. A sunblock helps you to get rid of skin damage. Apart from all these, sunglasses, hat, mosquito net are some of the important requirements for your protection and safety. Also do not forget to carry a first aid kit for emergency needs.



Travelling requisites

Going for a road trip to surfing is really a hectic journey in some cases. Day bag, fanny pack, travel pillow, sheets; towels are some of the important items that you need to carry. Also do not forget to carry tent in case you decide for a night stay somewhere on the beach. Also flashlight, guide books and maps, multi tool kit, ducts and tapes are an important part of any road trip. Do not forget to wear the right kind of footwear and take slippers for your entire trip.

Electronic gadgets are an important part of any road trip. Do not forget to carry your mobile phones, portable USB chargers, cameras and other important necessities as per your requirements. Check you travel documents like passport, visa, and travel insurance papers before you start packing your essentials. Be it the wetsuits from Wet Suit Centre, surfing boards or a travel pillow, each and every item is important for your road trip to surfing.

These are some of the important items that you need to check while you are packing your essentials for the surfer road trip. Road trip for surfing can be quite exciting and fun, especially when you are going with your friends. Make this trip worth memorable by surfing in waves of pristine beaches. Be careful not to overlook any single item that is needed for your surfing road trip.

Checklist for Your Trip Take Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Whenever you make plans to travel somewhere, you make a check list of items to do and to pack for the trip. However, majority of people forget to put in a very important task onto that list. This task is buying a travel insurance policy. Some of you may question the need for spending money on travel plan insurance when you know that you are only going to be out for a few days or weeks.

The question is of great importance because no one can control or predict when any kind of emergency will take place. A travel insurance policy is designed to take such situations into account and ensure that you do not suffer by getting caught in them. The travel insurance policy would achieve this goal in multiple ways. The following are some of the methods through which a travel policy helps you.

1. Medical protection: A travel insurance policy would ensure that you do not have to face the difference of currency exchange rates in case you get caught in a situation where you need some form of medical attention. You may require medical attention due to accidents, catching new diseases and even if there is recurrence of old health problems. A travel policy would provide you with protection against the financial implications of any kind of medical treatment abroad.

2. Loss of checked in luggage: It has happened many times when a traveller has reported loss of checked in luggage. Such a situation can also result in major financial losses as you would either have to wait for your luggage or buy new ones. Buying new clothes abroad can be fairly expensive. However, if you have a travel insurance policy then you can rest easy because the policy would provide you protection against such a thing happening.

3. Passport loss: Loss of passport can have serious effects in a different country. Your passport is your identity when you are abroad and losing it means that you will not be allowed to leave the country unless you get it reissued. This would take effort on your part and would also mean that you would have to spend more time in the country. A travel insurance policy would provide you with compensation if you do happen to lose your passport.

Putting down a travel insurance policy on your checklist can make a huge difference to your trip. Not only will you be able to enjoy the experience of a pleasant trip but also take care of situations that require immediate financial attention.

Baby Blankets and Travel Wraps

When I had my children I was given loads of baby blankets and some I bought, they were all, really useful and apart from the cosy toes that I had with the pram I bought, that was the only thing I had to use to keep my babies warm in the pram and car seat. I never really thought of looking for anything else. This was also because I did not have internet and I never went to baby shows so I really had no idea about baby products apart from the ones everyone knew about. It was only when my daughter was a couple of years old I heard about a travel wrap, it really was a god send and made it so much easy to get out of the house without any fuss.

Now I work in the baby industry, I am always looking at trade magazines and on the internet doing research. Its great to see all the new products as they come on to the market and it is amazing to see how many new products there are and how brilliant some of them are.

I really think that it will not be long before standard baby blankets are a thing of the past. People are always looking for time, hassle and money savers and travel wrap products are definitely that. You can get them to fit in car seats, buggies, shopping trolley seats and bouncy chairs. Once people have had one they love them and say they are the best thing they ever bought, they then tell all their friends.

The sad thing about all of this is that it kind of makes the grannies and aunts redundant from making baby blankets, they probably will still do it but they wont necessarily get the use that they used too. I guess it wont be too long before you can buy fabric, knitting or crochet patterns to make travel wraps of your own.

If you are expecting a baby and you have access to the internet, it is worth having a look around at what you can get because there are some great alternatives to baby blankets, that can save a lot of time and hassle because you do not need to try and get tiny arms and legs into coats and snowsuits and that also means you do not have to get them out again if the baby gets too warm. That can be particularly beneficial if your baby is asleep and you do not want to disturb them.

Its sad to leave the baby blanket behind, but it is the same with all progress in technology and people forward because they believe that it will make their lives better in the future. I will always have fond memories of my blankets, but if I could do it again and I had known about travel wraps, I definitely would have swapped them.

Allowing The Travel Dream

Package holidays and affiliate websites, either love them or hate them, but if you think about the concept they can actually save you money and help you get the best deal.

Hers how, most affiliate web site are nothing fancy, the just display holidays from the marketers template or pre-built page, its the package holidays marketing companies that can get you the best deal.

Firstly we need to think about how the holiday marketers system can benefit us.

A good holiday marketers system will consist of a database that all the top tour operators can post their holidays to, meaning the holiday affiliates who go after specific holiday locations such as “package holidays to Costa del sol” will show you the cheapest holidays from 6,7,8 or even more companies.

Can you see how powerful this can be.

This is how affiliate holiday web sites can save you a fortune by listing the top deals from all these companies by price, star ratting or even board type.

I book my holidays through them every year.

However, there is always the problem of keeping yourself safe, as there are many companies who are not so trustworthy, so what do you do here.

By following a couple of top tips, you can protect yourself:-

. Always use a debit card such as visa / MasterCard etc
. Always look for an ABTA number from the sites booking agent, may not always be the site.
. Its good to check the booking agents reviews on your favourite search engine e.g. type in the name of the booking agent then type review to see what you come up with.

I do these checks every year, if the website has a holiday I think looks good for me, I book it.

Also good to note, if the booking agent has a phone number as you can ask about things of interest such evening entertainment for kids or kids clubs.

One of the problems you may have while holiday hunting on affiliate websites is that the holidays submitted by the Tour operators may not always be too far in advance, only about three or so months.

As I always leave holiday hunting to more or less the last couple of months as I feel the prices are at there best, especially with the credit crunch.

Heres an example Im the best man later this year for my brothers wedding, so I thought I would try a couple of travel agents in January, you know the bricks and mortar high street type, they wanted to charge me 650 per person to fly to Magaluf for a week with the lads for a stag week.

I hung back to March and apparently holidays to Spain have dropped as much as 24% according to press articles.

So I checked an affiliate website to see the price had dropped to 420 per person, how glad am I that I hung back, however, I will hang back a bit longer to see how much the price still drops.

I know Im taking a chance here, but I see 4 or 5 holiday companies on the affiliate site and I price watch them, so if one company starts to go back up, I buy my holiday then.

I guess if they all go up at once, I missed out, to be fair Ive not missed out yet, give it a try, even if you dont buy, its a good way to kill 20 mins a night, and you may even save money one day.

Advantages of a Travel Agent

To some people, making a research, booking and flying out is a stress-free and fun experience that can be filled with happy memories and even new friends, but to some the case may not be so. If this is new to you then chances are that you may have been browsing all over the web and with that being over priced. What you really is the service of a travel agent.

A common misconception is that travel agents cannot get you low fares on the same flight, but this may not be so and especially if you book early. Travel agents have common grounds with airlines, cruises, hotels and car rentals and with that you are almost guaranteed of getting discounted prices in your bookings.

A good travel agent knows and understands the whole booking process, be it on a boat cruise, airline or hotel and he or she can do that for you and still get you on your favourite airline or boat cruise. This in return will give you satisfaction and an enjoyable trip. One of the reasons behind you getting good deals is that airlines offer their best agents discounts and other incentives that are meant to keep clients coming. They also pay commission and for that travel agents do not have to charge you for anything, but your airfare.

An addition to saving you money is that, good travel agents act as consumer advocates in the event that something goes wrong. They’ll turn your booking miseries into an enjoyable experience and one you may never forget.

Saving money

Many web shoppers tend to turn to the internet for low prices, but then the real deal is that they may not necessarily get these cheap deals. Most legitimate travel agents have good working relations with airlines, cruises and other travel entities and for that they get offers that may not be available on the web.

These promotions can range from discounts, cheap upgrades on various Flights and cruises and even onboard credit. Travel agents also know about other discounts that may not be available on the internet.

Different agents have different offers. Some offer gifts, souvenirs, champagne which will all get the customer back for another deal sooner or later.

Other reputable agencies may save you some bucks by being a fare watchdog. Some airlines will refund you your money in the event that the airfare goes down after you have booked. You may not have the time and skill to check airline prices daily, but a travel agent will do so for you and advise you accordingly.

Going on to the internet and searching for cheap deals daily can be time consuming and frustrating. You may end up even paying more for last minute bookings, and that could have been alleviated had you booked with a travel agent.

Save yourself a lot of money and time by making use of a travel agent. It is a perfect stress-free process with no complications. be sure to make use of it on next trip.