3 Reasons to Buy an RV for Your College Trip

Spring break is always a popular time for college friends to travel. Summer is a great time to meet up as well, and even winter break offers plenty of opportunities to see what the nation or even continent has to offer. When planning your next trip with college friends – whether it’s one friend or a dozen – buy an RV.

Save on Hotels and Air Fare
Plane tickets for half a dozen people get pricey fast. Add in hotel room costs and you’re looking at way more than most college students on a ramen budget can afford. An RV bought from WilkinsRV.com is a mode of travel, a hotel on wheels and a restaurant replacement. (Buy groceries and make your own meals on the trip to save even more money.) Save your cash for the activities you want participate in during your trip and make a college students’ budget go further.

Split the Cost with a Group
Buying an RV for your sorority or fraternity makes the most sense because the money can at least partially come from dues and the RV can stay with the Greek organization long after its current members graduate so the group really gets its money’s worth. If you’re not part of a Greek organization or you want your other friends to join you on the trip, split the cost of the RV upfront and co-own the vehicle. You might also consider taking a loan out in one person’s name and having the others chip in toward the monthly cost whenever they join the owner for a trip.

Have More Fun
There’s nothing like an RV for a sense of camaraderie, just like college dorms. There are a number of large models that are practically like college dorms on wheels, where everyone has their own comfortable sleeping space and there’s a shower, kitchen, TV area and more. In fact, the right RV might prove even larger than the dorm space you’re used to sharing. If there’s one group of people who will definitely have fun bonding on a long road trip in a virtual dorm on wheels, it’s college students.

Used RVs in good condition always trade in for more value than you might expect. Even if you don’t plan to keep the RV in the fraternity or sorority, you will get a good portion of your investment back when you sell it. More vacation possibilities open up to you and your friends when you buy an RV.